Ideia RxD

Interaction Design for Expressive Intelligent Artefacts

The IDEIA Research and Design collective aims to bring together researchers, artists, hackers, musicians, and others in a fruitful discussion space about the new frontiers of Expressive Intelligent Artefacts.

Expressive Intelligent Artefacts are digital constructions (machines, software, etc...), that use tools from artificial intelligence, artificial life, and machine learning among others, to embody the artefact with a reasoning process about the inputs it receives from the world. This allows the artefact to decide (compute) on those inputs and act in the production of some art form (expressing itself).


Processing Community Day @ Lisboa

Processing Community Day @ Lisboa 2019 — Ideia RxD organized on January 18, 2019 the Processing Community Day @ Lisboa 2019 in collaboration with and Biblioteca Municipal de Marvila. This day aims to celebrate the art, design, programming, and diversity and is championed by the processing foundation, whose mission is to promote software literacy within the visual arts and to make these fields accessible to diverse communities.

Installation at the Semibreve Festival on 26–28 October 2018, Braga, with the work Hypercube made by ESAD students Joana Duarte, Nuno Gomes, Rita Marques under the Autopoietic Music Room project.

Raul Masu** – *Afordances, Constraints and Mapping in Embodied Computer Generated Music* – - 10 and 11 of May - 2018

Raul MasuAfordances, Constraints and Mapping in Embodied Computer Generated Music – - 10 and 11 of May 2018

David Sousa-Rodrigues and Marco HelenoAutopoietic Music Room - project developed at with the students of the Interactive Environments and Project Lab. II classes. May/June 2018

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